Why Background Verification should be part of your Recruitment practice?

  • By: Hemalatha.K / Voltech HR Services
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The Need for Background Verification

Good employees lead to good business: By hiring verified and honest employees you ensure a strong foundation for your business.

Assured peace of mind: You complete your due diligence and are convinced that your potential employees have a good track record.

Cost and Time effective: By being verified you are actually insuring yourself from the irreversible damage that can be caused by a bad hire.

Facilitates Transparency: By hiring a third-party verifier, you avoid favoritism and biased or negligent hiring. A third party does not have any stake in undermining the verification process.

Support system for the HR:v Your HR team can now focus on its core activities, as the professional verification agency will give you conclusive and documented information, regarding each one of your employees.

Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field

By the Numbers…

One in 3 persons has exaggerated incorrect information about his previous employment.

Over 80% of the persons joining organizations with criminal intention or with an intention to leak information to outsiders, hide his / her permanent Address, etc..

Nearly 21% of applicants provide false information relating, role, salary conduct etc.…

48% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.

18% of executive resumes contain false academic claims or omissions.

16% of all violent crime from workplace are committed by one with history of such behavior

35% of IT sabotage cases are caused by employees with criminal records

The average costs of a bad hire may equal 20% of the first year’s potential earnings.

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Did you know?

Infosys asked about 100 employees to leave due to discrepancies in their resumes.

Wipro dismissed 25 employees for forged resumes and filing police complaints against the employees and 20 recruitment agencies.

TCS dismissed 20 employees when background checks revealed fudged resumes.

A driver brutally had attacked and murdered a female employee; subsequent investigations revealed that the driver had a hidden criminal history.

A senior professional, boasting certificates from IIT Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad and 20 years of corporate experience, being on the verge of receiving a job offer when background investigations revealed that the certificates from IIT and IIM were fake.

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