How Women Manage That Elusive Work-Life Balance during the Lockdown

  • By: Hemalatha.K / Voltech HR Services
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It has never been easy for women to balance a rewarding career and a blissful family life. It still is not because being a full-time working mom comes with cycles of stress and guilt for not being able to spend equal time at work and home.

This being said, it is the 21st century and ladies from all walks of life choose to have it all - joyful families, thriving careers and some time for themselves.

Earlier, they could either walk into their offices, or into their kitchens, and they were two different persons in each of these places with a clear plan. But now, the ‘transition’ is unutterably lost. They are in a meeting and in the kitchen. They handle homework and check a thesis at the same time.

Flexible timings are a big equalizer for a woman and help avoid losing traction in her career during the caregiving years.

Imagine an organization looking for an organized, solution-oriented, empathetic individual who is capable of making human connections when working from home? Who comes to mind? Women!

One of the very notable things is just how productive women can be “from home offices”. There's evidence on which to base this - studies show that flexible timings lets a mom manage her working hours after childbirth and to stay in stressful yet well-paid jobs. In a new survey, 84% of employers mentioned that the change to remote work has been a success for their companies.

Sure. Juggling work, child care and household work from their homes can be challenging. But stripping away their inconveniences is enabling them to work smarter and efficiently.

If they had to go into their offices from 10 to 6, it would not be possible to do it all. If there is one positive that emerged from the pandemic, it is this. COVID-19 has forced all kinds of organizations to think outside the box, break free from the traditional norm and adopt a creative way to attract & retain female talent.

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